Eid Ul Azha is soon going to be celebrated and everyone is in a hurry to get prepared. Shopping, Cleaning, Looking good are some of the basic things that are focused on Eid occasion. On Eid occasions big family gathering, lunches and dinners are some of the events that you have to visit. All family get together even wiping away their differences.

Girls are very sensitive about their looks and what others think about them? They also like it when their appearance is appreciated and attracts attention. Girls are mostly not much confident too and surely in such big gatherings would hesitated or look nervous and no one likes to look like that. It has been proved by research that Makeup can enhance your feature in such a way that your confidences boosts up in the social arena. Just because of this reason you can seek guidance about Eid Makeup over here.

The most prominent on girls face are their eyes and a little bit of enhancement can yield results far better than ones expectations. Mostly, black, green, grey colored eyes are preferred over brown colored eyes but since it is a genetically inherited trait, thus it is not your fault. Having brown eyes does not mean that you cannot look beautiful just like other 50% population of the world. Team Stylee.PK has compiled a list of Makeup tips for brown eyes.

Stay with us throughout this article to know about Eid Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes.

  1. Use a concealer around your eyes and cover the spots and blemishes which may reside around your eyes.
  2. You can use a foundation as well to whiten your skin. Don’t use much foundation if you have a dark skin tone.
  3. Now, use an eye brow pencil to give shape to your eyes.
  4. Use an eye brow pencil to darken your eye brows.
  5. Now use an eye shadow over your eye lids to make them prominent.
  6. Use light colors and mix them with a dark black eye liner.
  7. You can try out the metallic colors as well because they will match brilliantly and will compliment your eyes very well.
  8. Use a heated lash curler over your eye lashes so that they will hold the curl longer.
  9. Use black mascara over your eye lashes, which will look great with your brown eyes.
  10. You can blend your makeup by tapping with a finger or you can simply use a tissue.

These were some of the Eid Makeup Ideas for brown eyes. Use these makeup tips and you will have the most prominent eyes in the social sphere.

Eid Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes 2015
Eid Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes 2015

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