DishaPatani is picked out as one of the hottest divas from B-town. Her social media accounts are also grossing with love and likes from her fans as she is really hot. But on other hand, DishaPatani says she is not hot at all. Let’s check what is reason behind this statement of Disha and why she thinks that she is not as hot as her fans think.

DishaPataniSays She is Not Hot

27 years old DishaPatani is a rising Bollywood actress, she has started her career in Bollywood with a Telugu movie Loafer. She has also worked primarily in Hindi movies. She has millions of fans on her social media accounts. You can see hot photos of her different poses and including bikini type clothing because hot posts and photos has more chances to be viral on social media.

It is true that all of her fans also consider her one of the hottest diva, but DishaPatani asked about it then she says she is not hot. It is a shocking news for her fans but she explained it too by saying that she doesn’t consider herself as a hot person. She said that on photoshoots she wears what her fans want to see and she is not as much naked in any photoshoot. According to an interview of her, she said that it is a part of her life and career but in actual she doesn’t think that she is really as hot as her fans say about her.She is a simple person in actual life and loves simplicity, said by hot superstar DishaPatani.

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