Daaman Ready to Wear Digital Printed Tunic Summer Collection 2018 is screening nationwide with stylish prêt tunics. This frolic assemblage of readymade dresses is offering single shirt pieces and separate stylish pants tailored in designer stitching style.

Daaman Ready to Wear Digital Printed Tunic Summer Collection 2018

The whole collection is stuffed in different fabrics including cotton, jersey, cambric, georgette, cheese crepe and marina. These shirts are designed in delicate style as you will find vivid brocades virtuosity over them. Small motifs, beads, laces and embroideries are done over some shirts while other tunics have left alone, just a stylish cut and that’s it!

Moreover, these shirts are tailored with western patterns and you can find Turkish aura styles and French cuts in it. All designer shirts are baptized with separate names and those are depicting actual appearance and fashion o the dresses. Names are unique and you can check each style in catalogue given at the end of this article.

Furthermore, these shirts are offered in different sizes such as large, medium, small, extra large and extra small etc. hence you can find your matching body even if you are chubby or extra slim person. One thing needs to be noticed here is that, lengths of these shirts will vary style wise but these lengths are starting and ending between

  • 34 inches to 40 inches

All with this, color scheme and hue patterns of these shirts are great and each dress is available in single pastel. You will find aqua blue, peach, indigo, navy blue, grey, maroon, orange, peach, tea pink, rust, purple, black and white tones.


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Before ending this article let me inform you about the price of Daaman Ready to Wear Digital Printed Tunic Summer Collection 2017. Well each shirt is offered in different price as per the artwork on each shirt varies. These prices are ranging between

  • PKR 1000 to PKR 5000

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