Eil ul adha is on the notch and now you need to be fast for shopping and while doing so, must take Charizma the Glitterati Luxury Chiffon Collection for Eid 2015 into your account, in order to get best of the best variety for the upcoming carnival.

You can figure out from the name of this series that Charizma the Glitterati Luxury Chiffon Collection for Eid 2015 is going to be the most colorful, twinkling and exotic collection of the season. Moreover, this set is offered a variety of 3 piece suits of chiffon in semi-stitched form, with cuts and stitches as per the modern days. Chiffon is the fabric of festivals in Pakistan because all the dresses for big events such as wedding dresses and party dresses are always twisted in this fabric.

Moreover, in Charizma the Glitterati Luxury Chiffon Collection for Eid 2015 chiffon fabric is adorned with eccentric color palettes, suitable to wear morning and night time functions. Along with this, luminous flower patterned embroideries are also there to increase the charm of these dresses and separate net sleeves is something making this collection out of the world.

Furthermore, Color twists are very eye striking and eccentric one that you help yourself from grabbing a dress out of this collection for your wardrobe. Hues available in Charizma the Glitterati Luxury Chiffon Collection for Eid 2015 are:

  • Beige with red floral embroideries around neck, red and beige booti embroideries on back and lining printed lace in black color on hem
  • Yellow dress with champagne colored net sleeves, white threadwork on front and purple threadwork on the back-sided hem
  • Black with silvery white artwork on back and red threadwork on the front of the shirt
  • Ferozi dress with pink, red and skin colored embellishments
  • Beige front with pink threadwork on front and orange lining back and net sleeves
  • Beige color in sea green, gray, mint blue, red and peach embroideries
  • Gray with pink combination

After that, fabric is offered in longer lengths enabling you to make a trendy outfit for the season including:

  • 0.75 meter shirt front
  • 0.75 meter shirt back
  • 0.75 meter Separate sleeves
  • 5 meter dyed trouser
  • 5 meter dupatta

Add ons include:

  • Separate net sleeves
  • Embroidered borders
  • Printed borders

*One thing you need to know is, add ons can differentiate dress wise

Last but not the least; you would like me to mention, what is the price of Charizma the Glitterati Luxury Chiffon Collection for Eid 2015? Well, to facilitate you, this time Charizma has offered same prices for all the exhibited dresses and that is:

  • PKR 6,899

Now, you can check the images of this collection given below for a better view of the collection and if you still have queries, feel free to contact us at stylee.pk


  • Ehsan
    Posted August 27, 2015 11:39 pm 0Likes

    Hi my name is Ehsan and I am from UK! I would like to know how much for charizma cliffon vol 4! Can you please give my price for full catalog with delivery to UK Aswel thank you!

  • Ayman
    Posted August 31, 2015 1:11 am 0Likes

    Helo my name is Ayman .me mansehra me rahti hun charizma cliffon vol.4 ka black dress mujy chiye please give me and with delivery mansehra

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