Sagacious gets prepared for everything going to happen next so setting your fall winter wardrobe will be the wisest decision and for this, Charizma Embroidered Linen Festive eid ul Azha Collection 2015 is now available in stores nationwide.

The Charizma Embroidered Linen Collection 2015 covering all kinds of fall winter dresses such as from formal to casual and from daily to festive wears. So, under one collection, you are going to get most variety for the icy season ahead.

First of all, Charizma Embroidered Festive eid Collection 2015 is based on the thickened but mollycoddling stuff of linen combined with pashmina shawls. Shirts and lowers are stuffed in soften linen fabric while dupattas are fabricated in the silky jellified fabric called pashmina. Pashmina shawls are very in and they are even integrals for the winters. Anyhow, it make take one month or 6 to 7 weeks to welcome the freezing winters but till then, these easy going linen dresses can suit your style in a gleaming way.fabric is interacted in the following measurements:

1.25 meter embroidered linen front

1.25 meter printed linen back

2.5 meter dyed linen lower

2.5 meter printed pashmina shawl

On the second point, comes the emblazonments, adornments and the decorative material of the Charizma Embroidered Linen Festive eid ul Azha Collection 2015. So, to make the attires suitable for the upcoming eid carnival, Charizma has interacted its dresses in blazing prints and passionate colors. Thus you will find, vivid cross-stitches patterned in the floral,rosy, cape and lining embroideries. You will also find printed botanic veins on the back side of the shirts. This duo of embroidered printed variety is going to rock your days and nights of eid ul azha.

Third spot is encountered by the colors of Charizma Embroidered Linen Festive eid ul Azha Collection 2015 and let me say that hues selection is very elegant and charming. You know that summers have a texture of nippy feel so, if you will wear blushing colors, your mood will be replaced from gloomy to be gleaming. Moreover, these colors are suitable to wear on the festivals as well and it include:black red, pink white, red black, beige black, brown white, royal-blue turquoise, chocolate-brown mustard, orange shocking-pink and off-white red combinations.

You can check the designs in the latest catalogues of charisma linen collection, uploaded at the end of this page, enabling you to watch the dresses before making an order.

Anyhow, the last and most important question yet to be explained is, what is the price of Charizma Embroidered Linen Festive eid ul Azha Collection 2015? Well prices are identical for all the showcased dresses i.e.

PKR 4,199 only

As now you know everything about the collection so place your orders via in order to enjoy right consumer prices.

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