After monsoon, mid summer season starts and Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Collection for MidSummer 2015 is now introduced to make your midsummer stylish and trendy.

Even summer is about to dispatch but the humidity in the environment still makes daylight hours hot and night hours cool but muggy. In this scenario, dress selection becomes very difficult because even softest stuffs feel harsh on the skin. Along with this, intense colors give irritating affects on eyes and someone doesn’t feel comfortable even wearing a loose summer dress.

Anyhow, it won’t happen if you take advantage of Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Collection for MidSummer 2015. Why, there are certain reasons for this explained below:

  • First of all clothing stuff of this collection is different than lawn as it is enriched combination of lawn and cotton threads.
  • Secondly, colors available are different than summer colors with flowering embellishments which make it calm for the skin and cool for eyes.
  • Thirdly, stuff is wider enough that you can make a loose dress so it won’t itch on your skin while wearing.

Along with above mentioned qualities these dresses are offered in single shirt piece, 2 piece suits and 3 piece dresses. All dresses are unstitched available in wider range of colors. Given below is the figurative measurement of the cloth you will get in Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Collection for MidSummer 2015:

  • 3 meter long shirt
  • 2.5 meter dupatta (Lawn)
  • 2.5 meter Shalwar

Add ons include

  • 1 meter dyed embroidered patch

One thing you need to be aware is, separate embroidered patch is available only with 3 pc suits.

Now after reading all the details of the collection, you want to know, what is the price of Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Collection for MidSummer 2015? Well, this collection is available in both lesser rates and higher rates. Such as lying between:

  • PKR 1,280 to PKR 2,580

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