Stuffs breaded in the eastern and western way is something that Pakistani women look for always and Beechtree Baroque Eid ul azha Collection 2015 is the breakpoint where you will get these eastern cloths with western touches.

Being with the fabric, design and stitching of the collection is awesome and eye striking. Fabric is lawn which is mild and gentle gives a caressing affect to your body when you wear it. It will be good to wear lawn in autumns as it will lower the souring feeling of the season. All with this, having a lawn fabric dress will be economical choice too because of its cost effective prices.

Next comes the designs of the dresses: Beechtree Baroque Eid ul azha Collection 2015 is offered in the two forms

  1. Beechtree Baroque pret 2 piece suits
  2. Beechtree Baroque pret shirts

Both offered varieties are embedded with banquet of flowers in shape of embroideries and prints. On most of the apparels glittering gold fiber is used to get neckline cross-stitches with floral patterns. On the other hand, ubiquitous embroidered patterns are also crafted on some shirts,of Beechtree Baroque Eid ul azha Collection 2015, for the girls who like to rock the day in glimmering way.

Moreover, cuts and stitches of Beechtree Baroque Eid ul azha Collection 2015are completely western with slight touches of eastern ethnicity. Such as, you will find two piece suits knitted in capris and knee length shirts, if you wear a western styled cardigan over them, your look for eid day will be completed.

Furthermore, it also include pret shirts stitched in the shorter lengths and by wearing them on with a pant, palazzo or skirt, will increase the western bliss of your persona. Anyhow, if you want to give a slight trace of east, get a scarf, stole or muffler, to cover your head. With black shades on your eyes and stilettoes in your feet, will make rule the world with your fashion.

Along with this, very engaging and appealing hues are used to color Beechtree Baroque Eid ul azha Collection 2015. It include off-white, royal blue, gray, orange, mustard and pink colors. Lastly, just check the price of Beechtree Baroque Eid ul azha Collection 2015 which is lying between:

  • PKR 3,450 to PKR 5,200

You can also check the images of Beechtree Baroque Eid dresses 2015 at the bottom of this page and for queries, suggestions and purchases, consult us at

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