In this article we are going to guide you about Beauty Tips for Hands Makeup at Home Step by Step Tutorial. Hands and feet are the most using parts of body in our daily routine. It is necessary to take care about the skin of your hands with suitable creams, moisturizers etc. Let’s check some common and important beauty tips for hands makeup at home.

Beauty Tips for Hands Makeup at Home Step by Step Tutorial:

Every age group of women wants to be graceful and pretty in the gatherings of friends and family. For this, women beautify their selves with different types of face makeup, include eyes makeup, hair styles, jewelry and clothing. But mostly women ignore their hands and in the result, it clearly shows that they apply heavy makeup of their face but not on the hands. It looks very funny and horrible to see someone with different shades of face and hands. To make you actual pretty and attractive, here are some beauty tips for hands makeup at home. Do follow each step of this hands makeup tutorial to make your hands beautiful and perfect match with the makeup of your face.

Wash Hands with Scrub:

Use a quality scrub to wash your hands. The using of scrub is very useful to keep your hands clean and remove any type of dust. It’s better to use warm water for wash your hands while you using scrub.

Moisturizing Hands:

In any season, must apply moisturizer on your hands. It keeps the cells of your hands skin healthy and alive. We suggest you to moisturize your hands twice in a day, specially applying before makeup. Don’t forget to wash your hands with scrub before moisturizing your hands.

Massage of Hands:

Do massage of your hands at night to keep the skin of your hands glowing and healthy. You can use any moisturizer of Vaseline for this purpose. If you have extra dry skin, we suggest you to mix your moisturizer with Vaseline and massage your hands with this paste.

Protection of Hands:

Must cover your hands by wearing rubber gloves, when you wash dishes or use such type of hard thing which can effect on the skin of your hands. Rubber gloves protects your hands with the dust and other harmful chemicals.

By applying above mentioned beauty tips for hands, you will find amazing results in few days. The skin of your hands will become soft and glow. Apply matching powder foundation on your hands, which you apply on your face for makeup. Also apply nail polish on your nails with the matching color of your lipstick.

Now, you have come to know beauty tips to beautify your hands in your daily routine and parties. We strongly recommend you to apply these beauty tips for hands makeup at home daily, to keep your hands pretty and glowing.

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