Without a doubt, we can all agree that all girls want to look beautiful and crave for attention in a social place. They try to keep up with the methods and keep adding new makeup tips and tricks in their arsenal to look beautiful and splendid. It has proved by research as well that through makeup a person confidence is considerably elevated in a gathering or an event. To help you in this, Stylee.PK has come up with a list of Beautiful Party Makeup Tips for Girls, which surely are a blessing for young girls who want to beautify themselves using quick methods.

Here are the following party makeup tips for girls by Stylee.PK team:

First thing that you need to do is select an appropriate dress for the event as per your taste and chose a color of your liking. This is a very important that you chose a perfect dress because it will give you an idea about what your makeup is going to be like. When you are finished with this it’s time to get you clean and ready.

Quickly, wash your face with warm water then dry it gently with a towel. If your eyes are looking puffy and dull due to lack of sleep, then with this simple trick you can make your eyes lively and fresh. Put ice cubes on your eyes and rest your head for 4-5 minutes. This will do the trick and make your eyes look refreshed. Now, if you want to make your skin look soft and smooth dab a piece of cotton into cleansing milk and then wipe your face with it. After that wash your face with normal water.

Now, we need to give attention to your eyes which are the most prominent feature of your face and can be manipulated with several makeup tricks. Use eye shadow on your eye lids but make sure not to dark. Now, use an eye liner with intricate delicacy to define your eyes but make sure to be gentle and use short strokes only. Afterwards, simply apply mascara on your eye lasher 2-3 times. Use eye brow pencil to define your eye brows and you are done! Your eyes look pretty!

Let’s make those lips of yours splendid and sizzling. Use a lip liner, a shade slightly darker than your lipstick to give a nice and precise shape to your lips. Afterwards, simply apply lipstick on your lips then blot its head and then apply it again. Use a gloss on it to make your lips look shiny and give a slight pout.

Now, you need to attend to your nails. Cut them properly and give them a good shape using a filer. Apply a layer of colorless base coat and then apply 2 layers of nail polish on your nails with the time difference of 8-10 minutes. Apply another layer of colorless base coat afterwards and you are done!

Hey folks! These are all the latest beauty tips and tricks which every girl should make use of. Have a good day!


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