Motifs, beads, jewels and diamantes buttons are interacted in the Baroque Embroidered Chiffon Eid ul Azha Collection 2015, and making it the most glittering and eye tackling contagious collection of the season that won’t let you freed without getting it for your eid wardrobe this season.


Baroque Embroidered Chiffon Eid Collection 2015 covering 2 pc suits in chiffon fabric adorned with intricateembroidered patterns and other glittering emblazonments. Chiffon has achieved to be the festive fabric of Pakistan and even a single festive collection you won’t see without usage of this fabric. Thus in Baroque Embroidered Chiffon festive Collection 2015 you will find all the dresses hatched with chiffon aesthetics.

Fabric is presented in two pieces and it is quite enough to make a stylish kurta this year:

  • 2.5 to 3 meter long chiffon shirts
  • 2.5 meter chiffon dupatta

Add ons include:

  • Embroidered borderd
  • Laces
  • Embroidered net sleeves

*add ons can differ from article to article

Moreover, as stated above, fabric is bedecked with the glittering and exaggerated artwork. It include embroideries drawn in floral shapes. Different kind of floral veins and rosemary patterns can be found on Baroque Embroidered Chiffon Eid ul Azha Collection 2015 such as rose patterns, wildflower patters, Lotus patterns and tulip patterns. Along with this fauna patterns are there too that include butterfly portrayals,and peacock configurations.

Furtherly, pastel combinations are very jovial and schemed in an abstemious way. such as on same on colors embroideries of same thread are interlaced while on the back side, different other colors are threaded, so it is making a kind of a different collection of the season. Now check what the colors available are in Baroque Embroidered Chiffon Eid Collection 2015,

  • Crimson red front with tedious brown back and darkish turquoise sleeves, fabricated with gold, green and crimson embroideries
  • Creamy yellow tone embroidered with same hued threads on front and green and red flowering motifs on the back,
  • Green front with plumb back and beige sleeves adorned with pink, beige, gold and green threadwork
  • Rosy peach pastel with mint combo and same hue embroideries and a brown patch silk patch at the end
  • Jet black color with silver beadwork and greenish embroideries
  • Bright Yellow with black combination with gray, beige yellow and black threadwork
  • Blood red shirt with golden artwork
  • Peach fusion with gray interlaced in peach and gray applique
  • Icy turquoise with mustard embroideries

You can check these colors and designs in the catalogue of Baroque Embroidered Chiffon Eid Collection 2015presented at the end of this page as pictures illustrate better than words.

Anyhow, only thing remained now is the price of Baroque Embroidered Chiffon EidulAzha Collection 2015, well to save you from the muddling numbers, we are observing an average price i.e.

PKR 8,500 only

So, if you have decided for what you want to buy for this eid, just let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading!

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    i want ivory and skin and want delivery out of pakistan

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