Wardrobes are being reset with the warm clothing of cold season and Bareeze Eid collection 2018 is here to help you in this regard.

In this collection you will find 2 piece suits and 3 piece suits raw fabric which is available in divided pieces. Such as, some attire are offering separate front and back of the shirts while others are offering same front and back of a shirt and to make a heavy dress, a huge amount of raw fabric can be purchased by paying extra amounts as well. Anyhow, standard fabric is offered in the following yards;

For 3 pc suits

  • 1.5 meter front of shirt
  • 1.5 meter backside of the shirt
  • 2.5 meter dupatta
  • 2.5 meter dyed bottom

For 2 pc suits

  • 1 to 1.5 meter front of the shirt
  • 1.25 to 1.75 meter back of the shirt
  • 2.5 meter dupatta

Moreover, these 2 pieces and 3 piece Bareeze Eid collection 2018 are stuffed in karandi lawn fabric which is suitable to wear in the dusky days of cool winters. Along with this, fabric is further adorned in the hand embroideries and machine embroideries patterned in flowers, bootis, khaadi and digital drawings. Dupattas and shirts both are embroidered and you will find ribbons and borders already stitched on duapatta edges.

Furthermore, color palette is also seasonal offering you brown, pink, black, beige, mustard, royal blue, zinc, yellow,                 pink, off white, navy, white, rosy pink, sky blue, baby pink, blue, red, purple, plumb, icy turquoise, sea green, sea blue, green, peach and divine pure white. These colors are further decorated with the various hued threadworks which can be seen in the images given at the end of this page.

One more thing which I want to quote about bareeze is that, company provides you a chance of changing the color or dress if you want on the standard sizes, once. in this way, you will be able to change a dress color, style and karahi.

In the end, let me reveal the price of Bareeze Eid collection 2018. Well, prices are as usual big and high, lying between

  • PKR 5000 to PKR 15000

So, it was all about new winter dress by bareeze who is working in the clothing niche since 1985. Now, before leaving the page have a look at the bareeze summer catalogue to get a better view of the collection.

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