Eid Ul Azha is upon us and everyone is shopping something. Girls being girls are shopping for dresses, accessories, jewelry and makeups to make themselves look ostentatious and sizzling on this big EID festival. According to the culture, Mehndi is one of the best way to decorate a girl. It can be used in wedding ceremonies, mehndi ceremonies, traditional occasions and festivals like EID. There are many simple designs of Mehndi and team Stylee.PK has also shared some of them. Though the best mehndi designs which are very impressive are the Arabic Mehndi designs which are elegant and intricate and are a sort of puzzle in themselves.

Arabic Mehndi Designs are very popular in Pakistan. Especially, young girls are intrigued in decorating their hands with new Arabic Mehndi designs. Arabic Mehndi Designs depict the Arabic culture but as the time has passed these designs have been adopted by many women all around the globe. The main difference between Arabic Mehndi Designs and Normal Designs is that Arabic designs are more intricate. Making Arabic Mehndi designs is an art of utter precision and concentration.

Team Stylee.PK is sure that what really attracts girls to try out these Arabic Mehndi patterns is their quality and complete uniqueness. Arabic designs with mehndi are so gorgeous that they look like a magic trick when applied on hands. Mehndi is that kind of cosmetic which women can never leave because it boosts up your personality and boosts it even more if Arabic Mehndi layout is used. You don’t need any Mehndi artist either for Arabic mehndi designs but you do need subtlety and gentleness to create an up to the mark Arabic mehndi pattern on your hands. We are sure that you will get better at it with practice.


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