Are you confusing to apply lipstick on your lips in proper way? Don’t worry, because in this article we are going to guide you completely about how to apply lips makeup with lip liner lipstick and lip gloss? just follow the steps listed below here and you will come to know everything about the makeup of your lips in proper way.

How To Apply Lips Makeup with Lip Liner Lipstick and Lip Gloss:

Here are basic tips to enrich the beauty of your lips by using lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss.

Moisturize Lips:

It is necessary to apply moisturizing balm on your lips, before applying anything on your lips. Balm will clean any type of dust from your lips and will make it easier to apply further makeup on lips. Experts suggest to wait for 20 minutes after applying balm on your lips.

Choose the Color of Lip Liner:

It is compulsory to know that which type of color suits on your lips and face. So, carefully select best color of your lip liner. The color of lipstick and lip liner must be same.

Sharpen Lip Liner:

Before using lip liner, always sharpen it carefully. Because sharp lip liner gives you a good and excellent line around your lips. Another benefit of sharpen liner is that it helps to remove the bacteria from the lip liner.

Part Lips Normally:

It is recommended by experts to parting your lips normally, which helps you to create and apply excellent line around your lips in natural way.

Trace Natural Lip Line:

Experts recommend sticking the lip line on your lips in natural way. Because overdraw lips look unnatural. It will be easy for you to trace lip liner naturally, if you start at the center top and bottom of your lips and then trace the liner to outward.

Apply Lipstick:

It is not complete here about how to apply lips makeup with lip liner lipstick and lip gloss? it’s time to apply lipstick on your lips inside the border of lip liner. Starting from the center of your lower lip. After this, apply lipstick carefully on your upper lips. We recommend you to use the brush at the side edge of lips to remove outer color of lipstick and enhance your lips with perfect applying of lipstick and lip liner.

Apply Lip Gloss:

There are 2 options to use lip gloss. Many women prefer use lip gloss with or without lip liner. But some experts suggest you to use matching gloss after applying lipstick with the help of lip liner. The trick of using lip gloss with lipstick, is to apply it only on the center of your lips. It will cover your lips with its own way, which give a perfect and charming look to your lips.

Now, you have known everything about how to apply lips makeup with lip liner lipstick and lip gloss? Try to enhance your lips by following each step carefully. If there is any confusion, feel free to write a message to us at or comment below this post.

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