Season of weddings has arrived and many brides are looking for the best dress they can find for their special day. Every bride wants to get her hands on the dress which will make herself standout on her wedding day. A dress which will flourish her with a sole and refreshed look. Stylee.PK can help find the best wedding dress for you. We know that Amina Yasmeen Bridal Collection 2015 features wedding dresses which are so beautiful that every bride would want to get her hands on them.

The bridal collection introduced by Amina Yasmeen is a master piece that has been crafted with experience which has been honed over the decade. Amina Yaseen brand was introduced by Mansoor Akram, who had named it after his own mother. It is one of the best brand which features bridal dresses that not only have an aura of regality but also of sophistication to them. The brand is well known for its products quality, elegant cutting, use of fantastic hues, sophisticated yet modern styles with beautiful embellishment to add to the beauty of the dress.

The colors used in this Bridal collection by Amina Yasmeen are fantastic and lovely to look at. She has used sizzling colors that leave a good feeling to the eye and make the wearer look more beautiful. The colors look very well on women of all ages. These are the following colors used in the Amina Yasmeen Bridals Collection 2015.

  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Hot Pink
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Maroon

As in every collection by Amina Yasmeen the styles used in her bridal collection are very ostentatious and pretentious. Unlike using simple styles the brand has taken different styles and has created traditional and contemporary wedding dress out of them. These are some of the styles that has been used in the collection.

  • Sarees
  • Lehngas
  • Cholis
  • Gowns

The material of the wedding dress is very good and almost all the dresses were manufactured out of Cotton Fabric. The regal colors, mixing with the different styles along with the usage of fine material makes a great wedding dress but to beautify the dress furthermore embellishments have been added to the dress. The decorations accessories used in the collection is as follows:

  • Precious stones
  • Silver work
  • Embroidery

The end product in the Amina Yasmeen collection is a master piece and the whole collection is wonderful and beautiful. Choose your dream dress from Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram Bridal Collection 2015 and make your wedding special! We wish all the brides best of luck in the future.

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