Every fashion designer and industry is launching their Eid collections before Ramadan, because it is very difficult for everyone to go in market for shopping in this hot season of summer, in this article we are going to have a detailed look on the elegances of latest Almirah Eid Collection 2016 Fancy Festive Dresses.


This huge Eid dresses collection contains every type of dress, you will find single shirts, kurtis, 2-pieces and 3-pieces dress in this collection, which has crafted with premium quality fabrics, many dresses of this collection has offered in both stitched and unstitched form, these fancy Eid dresses has made with following fabrics:

  • Lawn
  • Silk
  • Chiffon
  • Jacquard

Styles and Designs:

Almirah has presented wide range of fancy festive dresses in this Eid collection 2016, this collection has further divided in following categories:

Almirah Eid Collection 2016

Highness of Lawn Chiffon Glamazon
Striking Silk Marvelous Artistry
Highness of Lawn Jacquard Fitness
Vintage is Timeless Pretty Busy
Luxurious Taste Super Glams

Designers of Almirah has crafted eye-catching patterns of flowers, leafs, geometrics and sceneries on the dresses of Almirah Eid Collection 2016, you will also find abstracts and antiques prints on many shirts of this collection, matching and contrast patterns has printed on the back side and sleeves of shirts, while delightful prints has crafted on the dupattas of these fancy Eid dresses.

Almirah Eid Collection 2016 Fancy Festive Dresses has embellished with striking embroideries, you will find following embroideries on the shirts and trousers of this Eid Collection 2016:

  • Embroidered Neckline
  • Embroidered Hem
  • Embroidered Sleeves
  • Embroidered Panels
  • Embroidered Patches
  • Embroidered Borders
  • Embroidered Motifs
  • Fancy Laces
  • Fancy Buttons

The artistic combination of cheerful prints, modern silhouettes and fancy embroideries has made very dress of Almirah Eid Collection 2016 more elegant and perfect for you to wear on the special day of this Eid.

Price Range:

Price of Highness of Lawn:

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 2,400/- to PKR 4,600/-
  • Stitched Dress PKR 4,200/- to PKR 6,500/-

Price of Chiffon Glamazon:

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 2,600/- to PKR 6,500/-
  • Stitched Dress PKR 4,450/- to PKR 8,500/-

Price of Striking Silk

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 4,800/- to PKR 7,500/-
  • Stitched Dress PKR 6,800/- to PKR 10,500/-

Price of Marvelous Artistry

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 6,200/-
  • Stitched Dress PKR 8,400/- to PKR 10,200/-

Price of Highness of Lawn

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 2,200/- to PKR 2,900/-

Price of Jacquard Fitness:

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 3,100/- to PKR 5,900/-

Price of Vintage is Timeless:

  • PKR 3,200/- to PKR 3,600/-

Price of Pretty Busy

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 2,400/- to PKR 3,200/-

Price of Luxurious Taste:

  • Unstitched Dress PKR 4,400/- to PKR 4,900/-

It is all about the latest fashions of this Eid Collection 2016, have a look on the images of these fancy festive dresses down here, if you have any question about Almirah Eid Collection 2016, just write a message to us at stylee.pk. Happy Eid Day.

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