For fragile ladies the most sensual and bizarre, Alkaram 2 Piece Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-2 2017 is out comprising elegant two piece suits with shirts and bottoms or shirt and dupatta. Your eyes will get stunned by watching the unusual setting of prints and embroideries of Alkaram Cardinal and Regal collection blended in luminous colors. Designers have done a great job by interlacing regal poses and cardinal graces in all the silhouettes included in the collection.

Alkaram 2 Piece Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-2 2017 reviewed the collection and found it the most exquisite and outlined below whatever this series of summer dresses is offering.

Summer season has started in Pakistan which is the longest of four other seasons so, Lawn is the fabric adored, by ladies belonging to all ages, mostly and Alkaram 2 piece dresses are weaved in comfy lawn threads. This is an unstitched series of women dresses offering more than enough fabric for shirts and bottoms. Such as, you will get;

  • 2.5 to 3 meters long lawn shirt with embroidered front, organza borders and even separate sleeves
  • 2.5 meter dyed or luminously printed pants


  • 2.5 meter lawn dupatta printed with sumptuous colors and patterns

Moreover, prints of Alkaram 2 Piece Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-2 2017 are awesomely scrolled all over the yard but they aren’t looking extravagant or useless in fact designers have schemed the prints in an exotic way, which is making each dress elegant, personated and chic looking. On front and floral vines are embedded in unusual shapes.

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Furthermore, worthy cross stitches and embroideries ate also there needled with great concentration and creativity. These embroideries are crafted around the neckline as well as on sleeves of each shirt with contrasting threads.  All with this, shimmering organza border is offered separately for each tunic.

Along with above mentioned qualities, color combinations are also rare and ethnic comprising turquoise, red, cambric, green, chocolate, blue, purple, lemon, black and botanic green colors. One color is blended in 3 different colors, you can have a look at the designs by scrolling at the end of this page as we have uploaded complete catalogue of Alkaram Cardinal and Regal Colleciton.

In the end, check for price of Alkaram 2 Piece Lawn Spring/Summer Collection Vol-2 2017: well, either you buy shirt with dupatta or shirt with pants, both two pieces are charging same price lying between.

  • PKR 2,400 to PKR 2,500

here you go with complete catalogue

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