Adnan Pardesy Wedding Dress Collection for Bridal 2015

Adnan Pardesy Wedding Dress Collection for Bridal  2015 is enriched in the eccentric pieces of art with white bridals and much more. Just have a look at the collection by reading this article further.

Adnan pardesy is complete eastern person just like his name and always offer dresses that are very cultural and traditional in true sense. His latest collection Adnan Pardesy Wedding Dress Collection for Bridal  2015 was launched and Doha and Pakistan in same month but at different times. In this collection, he offered eastern wedding wears in numerous colors especially white to attract the participants.

One thing you need to catch is this collection is offered for groom and brides both and couple can shop compatible dresses for their reception.

Moreover, in Adnan Pardesy Wedding Dress Collection for Bridal  2015, he has used festive clothing stuff like Jamawar, Silk, crinkle and chiffon. The designer has adorned these pieces with beautiful embroidered patterns, twinkling emblazonments and stone work. Along with this stylish designs have made these dresses must to buy for this wedding season.

Furthermore, Adnan Pardesey is a creative designer who not only experiment but also invent the new looks and designs for formal, semi formal, festive and wedding dresses. Adnan Pardesy Wedding Dress Collection for Bridal  2015 is also a distinctive collection of wedding dress for brides and grooms. The colors he is offering are; beige, green, pink, brown, rust, champagne, maroon, flora pink, white, peach, golden, purple and green.

This is not all in fact Adnan has offered so many designs in wedding dresses in Adnan Pardesy Wedding Dress Collection for Bridal  2015, to give all the couples soul look this season. In Pakistan, its tread that  brides wear lehengas while groom carry shewani but now adnan perdesy is changing the trends and offering different kind of wedding dresses such as;

For grooms he is offering:

  • Shalwar Qameez and golden jacket
  • Lungi styled shalwar with short shirt and waist coat over it
  • Shalwar qameez with knee length coat
  • Sherwani with turban
  • Jackets

For brides he is offering

  • Long shirt with lehenga
  • Ghagra and choli
  • Saree
  • Qameez with 3 quarter Capri
  • Sharara

Now check the images given at the end of this page, to get a better view of this collection. We are sure, that you will fell in love with the collection and won’t be able to stop yourself from buying it. Moreover, if you have any suggestions or queries you can write to us at, our team will conquer your queries.

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